Why choose CBD from hemp?

Every body is equipped with (brace yourselves for some science) an Endogenous Cannabinoid System.  The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a valuable role in so many aspects of neural function, including emotions, metabolism, impulsive behavior, learning and memory, as well as pain and addiction. The ECS has shown to play a major role in neuroprotection, maintaining your brain and nerve function, yet we have been deprived of this systems fuel for so long!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the premium fuel the body has been desperately starving for. CBD from industrial hemp is an efficient way to get the fuel without using consuming large amounts of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Our products only contain the amount of THC allowed federally, which is less that 0.3%. Our bodies produce cannabinoids already, but when illness and other life events knock us off balance those endogenous cannabinoids just don’t cut it. We struggle to get back to a place of homeostasis and inflammation and chronic illness can set in. Cannabidiol, as well as over 100 other cannabinoids packed into this awesome plant,  allows the endocannabinoid system to regain and maintain this balance.

Why choose InCannabliss?

Let us do the research for you. Hemp has a higher concentration of CBD vs. THC, which is critical in order to reduce inflammation. We carry only the highest quality industrial hemp products. This business chose us after years of navigating autoimmune disease treatments that failed and lowered the quality of life. We want to share what has worked for us. We are a group of individuals who have worked in healthcare and/or live with a disability and our mission is to help other individuals (and their pets) to do “healthy” better- and more naturally. We are advocates for affordable treatment and carry only products that we use ourselves. Stay tuned for our expanding list of awesome products and read about them as we explore all there is to offer in the world of CBD!

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